Billboard Blasts Senator Rubio for his "Amnesty First" Immigration Bill

"Not only did Senator Marco Rubio break his solemn pledge to our organization and Florida Tea Party leaders that he would oppose amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants when he ran for Senate, but he abandoned his promise to make sure the border is secure before considering what to do with illegal immigrants already here," said Floridians for Immigration Enforcement Legislative Director Jack Oliver.

The billboard's text which also can be viewed at, reads:

The Rubio-Obama Immigration Plan

Amnesty: "Right Away"

Border Control: "Someday"

Tell Sen. Rubio NO WAY (904) 398-8586

The billboard location is East-bound Arlington Expressway near the Fairgrounds in Jacksonville, Florida.

"Besides breaking his own promises, Senator Rubio should explain why he trusts the Obama Administration to carry out any promises it makes to control the border after it gets the amnesty it wants, in light of Benghazi and the numerous falsehoods and cover-ups involved in the IRS, Associated Press and Fox News scandals," said Oliver.

"Senator Rubio's 'Amnesty First - Border Control Someday' approach in S.744 will only trigger a new wave of illegal immigration, and should be rejected by anyone who believes that America has the same right to control its borders that every nation on earth does," added Oliver.

The language of the controversial S.744 bill is available at:

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