DRG Forecasts 12.0% Drop in 2013 US PC Sales

âTraditional Personal Computer shipments continue to decline as users maintain a wait and see attitude,â said Steve Daniel, President of DRG. âThere are a number of factors influencing users to delay Desktop and Mobile PC replacement decisions.    â¢Â     Confusion resulting from the unprecedented rate of new form factor introductions    â¢Â     The failure of Windows 8 to meet user expectations    â¢Â     Lingering doubts about the rate of economic recovery    â¢Â     The growth of cloud services

In aggregate, there is now more uncertainty among both Consumer and Enterprise Personal Computer buyers than ever before. The market is now in the third year of this trend as evidenced by not only declining year over year sales growth, but also by the declining replacement rates and increasing average life of traditional Personal Computers in use.â

Desktop replacement rates have been decreasing since 2006, Mobile PCs since 2007. Much of this has to do with the 2009-2010 economic down turn. However, as economic conditions improved in 2011 and 2012, the expected increase in replacement rates did not happened. While the introduction of Tablets in 2009 has had some impact on Desktop and Mobile PCs replacement rates, it is not the major causal influence.

The DRG Forecast predicts an increase in Desktop and Mobile PCs replacement rates, and a corresponding decrease in average life starting in 2015 based on the following assumptions:    â¢Â     (2014 â 2015) - A mild economic down turn evidenced by rising unemployment rates. This will slow replacement rates and increase average life.    â¢Â     (2016 â 2017) - The launch of the next generation of operating systems from Microsoft, Apple, Google and others, as well as the introduction of new more powerful Desktops and Mobile PCs from HP, Dell, Apple, IBM and others, that are optimized for applications that requires resident computation. This will accelerate replacements rates and lower average life.    â¢Â     The eventual convergence of replacement rates for tablets and the low end of Mobile PCs as the distinction between these products, and their applications blurs.

For more data and analysis of the US Personal Computer, Tablet & Mobile Phone Market, download the free DRG forecast summary report.

About the DRG US PERSONAL COMPUTER, Tablet & Mobile Phone Model

The DRG US Personal Computer, Tablet & Mobile Phone Historical Baseline and Forecast is the output of a proprietary model that incorporates historic Personal Computer sales and installed base data, current survey research and reported market activity, and assumptions about future economic, technological, and user behavior influences.

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