Emerging Markets Communications® Improves the Performance of Satellite Connectivity with the Second Release of SpeedNet℠AV Technology

Global (VSAT) satellite and terrestrial network provider, Emerging Markets Communications® announced today the second release of SpeedNetâ AV technology, an enhanced, cloud-based browser designed to answer the traditional challenges associated with using a satellite connection, in the most isolated areas of the world. SpeedNetâ AV increases upload and download speeds; enriches the delivery of audio, video and multimedia content; enables faster typing and scrolling, for an overall enhanced experience using a satellite connection. Additionally, the browser incorporates a download manager for centralization of files and live chat support with desktop sharing capabilities and access to engineers 24 hours, 7 days a week. Emerging Markets Communications is constantly focused on developing innovating technology to enhance our customerâs experience to facilitate increased productivity for their business,â said Blake Mclane, President, Emerging Markets Communications®.âSpeedNetâ AV is a breakthrough technology that takes our original browser a step-further by addressing specific challenges users experience over a satellite connection that affect overall efficiency, for operations in isolated areas of the world.â

âOptimization challenges arise when using a remote desktop protocol such as Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP, over wide area networks (WANs) with medium to high latency and low bandwidth,â said Fernando Klurfan, Product Manager for Cloud Services. âThe userâs experience is degraded by challenges such as slow graphics screen paint, typing delays, and sluggish scrolling. Speednetâ AV solves these problems and delivers the fastest application performance by combining both a local and a virtual browser into a single platform. This allows the cloud servers to do the heavy lifting and relies on the client software to intelligently switch between local and cloud.â

Enhanced Audio and Voice SpeedNetâ AV leverages an intelligent content redirection feature to enrich the delivery of audio and video by allowing content to be passed from the server directly to the client, thereby rendered locally for a full high definition quality experience.

Faster Typing and vScrolling

While using high latency connections, users often experience significant delays between the time they enter text at the keyboard and when it is displayed on the screen. This is especially notorious when typing emails in web-based solutions like Outlook Web Access, Hotmail, and Gmail. Fast Typing technology allows the user to type in a "local" text-box, and by means of an intelligent copy-paste engine, the content of the text box is inserted into the cloud seamlessly.

Vertical scrolling within web-based applications using a traditional satellite connection and remote desktop protocols can be slow as images, graphics, video and text are downloaded from the cloud server in a repetitive communication method. SpeedNet AV enables a faster browsing and scrolling experience by implementing a snapshot technology to pre cache the entire content, at once, eliminating the repetitive communication with a server over the WAN. These features can be viewed in the SpeedNet AV demonstration..

Download Manager and Support SpeedNetâ AV features a built-in download manager that can be integrated with SharePoint to create a secure document repository. The interface combines cloud storage with local storage on the end-user's hard drive, allowing centralized management of the user's files. SpeedNetâ AV provides an http/https platform for any Intranet web-based application, increasing security and speed.

Customers are now able to contact our network operations center (NOC) engineers 24/7 through the Live Support feature. The chat window can be escalated (if needed) to a full desktop sharing session. Users can report problems with the click of a button for automatic ticket creation in our NOC.

Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

Emerging Markets Communications® delivers SpeedNetâ AV from its Zero Latency Gateways, a platform that includes all the virtualization components necessary to provide SaaS in high availability mode. SpeedNetâ AV enables private, public and hybrid cloud deployments in a zero latency environment. Emerging Markets Communications® also offers a hosted, zero latency gateway solution for a full private network. Emerging Markets Communicationsâ original release of SpeedNetâ was named the most transformative cloud service for Africa at the 2012 Cloud Africa Summit. Cited for its ability to deliver the Internet at data center speeds and enhanced services to some of the most remotely connected organizations in Africa, SpeedNetâ also placed second in the Best Cloud Platform for Africa category and third in the Best Business Productivity Cloud Solution in Africa category. Emerging Markets Communications® is a prominent mission-critical, network services provider for global organizations with connectivity requirements in the most remote and/or challenging areas of the world, in air, on land or sea, including Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Pacific Islands, Asia, Central and South America. Emerging Markets Communications® is ISO 9001 certified and is the only provider to deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end hardware solution, with 27 support centers to guarantee maximum uptime of mission-critical applications and record maintenance services.

About Emerging Markets Communications® Emerging Markets Communications® is a global satellite and terrestrial communications company specializing in delivering mission-critical, network services for the global energy industry, mobile network operators, carriers, governments, NGOs and worldwide enterprises with locations in the most remote and/or challenging areas of the world. As a proven industry leader, Emerging Markets Communications® enables customers the agility, scalability and efficiency designed to facilitate growth for their global operations.

The company operates in 140 countries, with 27 global field support centers and wholly-owned infrastructure of teleports and terrestrial pops in US, Europe and Africa. Emerging Markets Communications® is financially backed by ABRY Partners; a firm specialized in funding the communications industry with $36 billion of completed transactions.

For more information, call 1+305-539-1358, email sales(at)emc-corp(dot)net or visit http://www.emc-corp.net. Connect with us on Linked-In or Twitter @emergingmktscom

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