Intel's Haswell Processor Killed Microsoft's Windows RT Before It Even Grew Legs

The Intel Haswell processor has killed Microsoft's Windows RT before it even grew legs. The only reason to ever opt for a device that runs a slimmed down OS such as Windows RT was the moribund decision between higher performance/larger form factor or longer battery life/smaller form factor. Well, Intel's Haswell chips promise (and deliver, I'm typing on a 2 pound, .68 inch carbon fiber, touch screen notebook right now) to offer full blown i5 and i7 desktop performance in tablets and ultrabooks for 7 to 10 hours at a clip. That promise has been kept. Say goodbye to Windows RT and its ARM architecture. It may have been good to know you, but we will never really find out, will we?
Now, I know the more swift among you are problably saying, "Hey, wait a minute!!!" "If Haswell kills off the ARM powered RT devices, what about all of the other popular ARM devices?

Three years ago, I warned everybodey - Don’t Count Microsoft Out of the Ultra-Mobile Computing Wars Just YetRemember, the iPad and Android tablets run on on ARM. As a matter of fact, imagine having an i5 Haswell on a 6 inch smartphone that runs FULL BLOWN windows on a HD+ screen that lasts 9-15 hours on a charge.

I'm writing this on an i5 Haswell Sony Vaio that is lighter, and also as thin, as an iPad. It has my full quite of apps along with a very usable touch screen. To be frank, the iPad now seems like a collosal waster of money. 
Of course, the discussion doesn't stop there. Just as Intel was forced to step up its game due to natural market pressures, other companies had to do so as well - only some companies are the aggressive and their market pressures stem from the need to usurp new markets rather than defend old cash cows. Enter, Qualcomm and their new Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked over 2.2 Ghz. This chip finally brings the abilities of desktop computing to a handheld, and does so with promises of 12-15 hour battery lives. Sound familiar? Damn skippy!
It's a fight ladies and gentleman. Which would you choose, a desktop light and long lasting enough to act like a tablet, or a tablet strong and powerful enough to act like a desktop? What do you think happens when Android 5.0 Keylime Pie is loaded on a tablet running a 3.0 Ghz Haswell i7? Yeah, I had the same reaction.

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The update from two months ago is also of value for those who haven't read it. It turns out that it was quite prescienct!

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