Frontrunning: January 30

  • Only time will define Bernanke's crisis-era legacy at Fed (Reuters)

  • Record Cash Leaves Emerging Market ETFs (BBG)

  • Investors Look Toward Safer Options as Ground Shifts (WSJ)

  • Fed Policy Makers Rally Behind Tapering QE as Yellen Era Begins (BBG)

  • Rating agencies criticise China’s bailout of failed $500m trust (FT)

  • Russia to await new Ukraine government before fully implementing rescue (Reuters)

  • U.S. readies financial sanctions against Ukraine: congressional aides (Reuters)

  • Companies resist president’s call for minimum wage rise (FT)

  • Secret Swiss Funds at Risk as Italy’s Saccomanni Visits Bern (BBG)

  • Top Democrat puts Obama trade deals in doubt (FT)

  • Erdogan to Give Rate Increase Time Before Trying Other Plans (BBG)

  • Bernanke Memorable Moments From AIG Anger to Dimon Encounter (BBG)

  • Capital controls not on agenda in Turkey: senior government official (Reuters) - translation - the opposite

  • Wall Street Attracts Chop Shops 20 Years After ‘Wolf’ (BBG)

  • Deutsche Bank suspends currency trader (DB)

  • Deadly ice storm turns Atlanta into parking lot (Reuters)


Overnight Media Digest


* Just one month into 2014, investors from Illinois to Istanbul are finding the tide going out fast for stocks and other riskier investments.

* U.S. stocks have started the year with a thud. What's interesting, though, isn't that stocks are down but that the declines are coming so grudgingly.

* Google's experiment making Motorola phones has ended after just 22 months, with the company unloading the handset business to China's Lenovo Group for $2.91 billion but keeping a valuable trove of patents.

* The hackers who stole 40 million credit and debit card numbers from Target Corp appear to have breached the discounter's systems by using electronic credentials stolen from a vendor.

* plans to offer brick-and-mortar retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle tablets as soon as this summer.

* Blackstone Group's chairman has made clear to senior executives that 43-year-old real-estate specialist Jonathan Gray is the front-runner should the current president depart within the next few years.

* How do the details of a family tragedy land on a piece of junk mail? Most likely from a customer service representative who feeds data to information brokers electronically compiling and selling information.

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