Facebook Inc (FB): Zuckerberg Aims To Revolutionize Tech Industry

facebookFacebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) celebrates its 10th anniversary on February 4th. Despite all that Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished for the social media giant in that time, he now wants to revolutionize the entire technology industry. He shared some of those hopes, while talking about some of his efforts to turn the technology world upside down at the Open Commute Project Summit V, held in San Jose on January 28 – 29, 2014.

According to the New York Times, Zuckerberg’s awareness that the “proprietary global computing systems” that other Internet giants like Amazon, Google and Yahoo used, didn’t work for him, forced him to come up with his own system.

It Began With Open Commute

Open Commute started as an initiative to streamline Facebook’s computing infrastructure. Zuckerberg wanted to make it more efficient, and save money through increased efficiency. By embracing crowd-sourcing, which is how Open Commute began, and using open source products, Zuckerberg has saved lots of money, and surprisingly, done it by being green in the process. (Related: Facebook Inc (FB) Isn’t In A Death Spiral)

These accomplishments are even more impressive, considering the project started with three people working out of an electronics lab in the basement of Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters. Eventually, the team moved to a facility in Prineville, Oregon, and with the help of more people, the group created the customized battery backup systems, power supplies, servers, and server racks.

Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure, Jay Parikh explained that over the last three years, Facebook’s use of open source products (through the Open Commute Project,) cut company energy and management costs by $1.2 billion. That saves a huge amount of money, not just for the company, but for investors, too. (Related: Facebook Inc (FB): The Death Of Social Media?)

Consider a server that has to handle everything that Facebook’s many users do in their interacting on the platform every day. That puts a demand of 4 billion operations per second on the systems.

The team got rid of all but the necessities for running their servers, and they found a more efficient and Eco-friendly way to re-circulate air and bring in fresh air from outside. Thanks to these changes and their willingness to overhaul their system to incorporate open-source products, the company now uses 38 percent less energy, and cut costs by 24 percent, while increasing efficiency as it did all this.

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