Global ETF and ETP Assets Suffer A 3.2 Percent Decline In January 2014

ETFGIIn January 2014, global ETF/ETP assets fell by 3.2% to US$2.32 trillion based on negative market performance and net outflows of US$7.6 billion, according to preliminary findings from ETFGI’s January 2014 Global ETF and ETP industry insights report. January was a difficult month for emerging and developed equity markets.

“Concerns about economic uncertainty and unrest in emerging markets, a fear that US stocks are over bought and uncertainty over the impact of Fed tapering  caused investors to take net outflows of US$7.6 billion from ETFs/ETPs in January 2014.” according to Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner at ETFGI.

Equity ETFs/ETPs experienced the largest net outflows with US$11.8 billion, followed by commodity ETFs/ETPs with US$1.9 billion, while fixed income ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with US$2.9 billion.


In January Vanguard gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows US$4.8 Bn, followed by Nomura AM with US$2.4 Bn and First Trust with US$1.5 Bn net inflows while SPDR ETFs experienced the largest net ETF/ETP outflows in January with US$16.5 Bn, followed by iShares with US$5.6 Bn.


S&P Dow Jones has the largest amount of ETF/ETP assets tracking its benchmarks with US$657.1 Bn, reflecting 28.3% market share; MSCI is second with US$323.6 Bn and 13.9% market share, followed by Barclays with US$197.8 Bn and 8.5% market share.

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