One Of The Most Boring Moneymakers In The World

manufacturing growthSPX Corporation(NYSE:SPW) is one of the most boring moneymakers in the world: engineering and manufacturing pumps, filters, you get the drift. You will never hear anyone at a party talking about how hot this one is, but it will make a lot of money in the next few years.

Between now and 2015 it is expected to grow its earnings by 22%, and next year’s margins are expected to increase by 11.3%. At just the current market P/E – which, if things continue the way they have been running, will seem cheap – this is a $140 stock in 2015. It is currently at about $96.

It has $265 million in free cash flow that will be used only to reduce debt and buy back stock, and it sports an 18%-a-year growth factor for the next five years.

SPX has it all and it is the real deal. Take a look at SPX.

GE: Saving Lives and Making a Bundle

General Electric Company(NYSE:GE) has had a very hard fall from grace since the glory days of Jack Welch, but never count this behemoth out of the action.

Its shares fell as low as $6 from a peak of $60 and are currently at about $25. Investors are betting on the 2.3-year backlog of orders in the transportation and aviation divisions, and strong numbers from its oil and gas division.

But if I had to bet the farm on one thing it is doing, it would be in its medical division.

It’s developing something called wireless medical monitoring that could revolutionize medicine. I know that term is thrown around a lot, but consider this. A person with a heart condition that is monitored by one of its wireless devices has a 43% survival rate as compared to a 6% rate if they don’t have

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