The Ubiquitous Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)

googleMichael Robinson: On April 2, search giant Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) unveiled a stock split – a 2-for-1 reapportionment that halved the price of the “Thousand-Dollar Club” GOOG stock, meaning you can now snap up shares at a more affordable $530 each.

Retail investors usually love when a “name-brand” stock announces a split – even though academics typically dismiss the move as a “book-keeping” maneuver with little impact on the underlying profit opportunity.

But in the case of GOOG (and Apple, which also recently announced a stock split), it’s the investor – not the expert – who has the right take.

Today I’ll explain why. And I’ll also show you how the GOOG stock split can give your investment portfolio a nice lift.

The GOOG Stock Split

Over the last year, we’ve talked a lot about the difference between a stock’s sticker price and its value. As I have said many times, a high-priced stock that gains 50% is cheaper in the long run than a penny stock that gains only 20%.

GOOG stock

Now, Google isn’t that kind of high flyer, but it’s a quality stock with rock-solid fundamentals. It’s one of my all-time favorite tech stocks, in fact.

Before we talk more about the specifics of the Google transaction – and look at how it can help you – let’s first take a look at stock splits in general.

First, to be absolutely clear, a stock split does not affect the market cap of the stock or any of the metrics we typically use to analyze the stock.

For instance, say that XYZ Software Corp. has been trading at $100 a share and then splits its stock 2 for 1. That means there are now twice as many shares of XYZ on the market, and they cost $50, not $100. Now, $5,000 buys you 100 shares instead of 50 shares.

You will have invested the same amount, but the entry price is much more attractive.

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