Will You Have Enough Gold To Survive The Impending Economic Collapse?

record gold holdingsWhy Gold Will Help You Survive the Coming Economic Collapse. 

Gold is not only valued for its attractive, surface properties but also for its intrinsic qualities.

As one of the least reactive chemicals, gold maintains it luster because it does not oxidize in water or air.

Since its discovery thousands of years ago, gold has remained the fundamental premise for determining monetary policies.

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Gold values have historically remained high because gold is recognized everywhere in the world as viable currency.

No country would reject the use of gold as money, which is why it is the most popular hedge against inflation, economic and political instability or even the detrimental effects of natural disasters.

When paper currency loses its value, gold will always be thought of as the only form of money consistently useable in any region of the world.

Currently, market experts say we have been experiencing a bull market in gold for the last ten years.

Investment demand, along with an unstable economy and currency debasement, are the main forces driving up gold prices and the demand for gold as well as other precious metals.

How Much Do I Need to Ride Out an Economic Disaster?

According to Ron Paul, you can still purchase a gallon of gasoline with only one dime–a pre-1965 SILVER dime, that is.

By making this comparison, Mr. Paul was reiterating the point that while the price of all services and goods continue to rise, these prices reflect costs in terms of U.S. dollars, not precious metals.

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