Settlements and Fines from TBTF Institutions since the Crisis

Let's take a look at the amount of
settlements/fines from various banks and financial institutions around the world
since the crisis. There are probably a lot of settlements/fines I have missed, frankly the amount below is already staggering, so this is a very rough estimate. Some perspective, most of these individual banks have now paid more in fines then the value of most countries GDP's. Total tally from the listed Fines/Settlements below is $174,489,800,000. Reminder: Jail time served by any board members or CEO's of the following TBTF list=0. #FreeCorzine. Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Obama is going on and on about making the system "fair," while the same people who caused the last financial crisis are the same people still in charge. 



*AIG 1.6 Billion Settlement with SEC, New York
State over securities fraud


*Bank of America $8.4 Billion Countrywide
Predatory Lending Settlement


*Goldman Sachs $550 Million Settlement to SEC
for Subprime Mortgage CDO



*KPMG $37 Million Settlement over Auditing at

*Wells Fargo $590 Million Settlement in Claims
over Wachovia

*Bank of America $8.5 Billion Settlement with
BNY Mellon over Mortgages

*Bank of America $1.6 Billion Assuared Guarantee

*Bank of America $1.5 Billion Fannie Mae

*Citigroup $285 Million Settlement with SEC over
Fraud Charges

*UBS $2.5 Million Fine to FINRA over Lehman


2011 Total $12,514,000,000



*Deutsche Bank $202 Million to Settle Misleading
Department of Housing and Urban Development on Mortgages

*JPM $1.8 Billion Settlement Nationwide
Settlement over Improper Foreclosures

*JPM $269.9 Million Settlement with SEC over
Creation and Underwriting of MBS

*JPM $20 Million Settlement Mishandling of
Lehman Funds

*Ally/GMAC, BofA, Citi, JPM, Wells Fargo $25
Billion National Mortgage Settlement

*UBS 1.5 Billion Settlement over Rate

*Barclays $453 Million Settlement over Libor

*Bank of America $2.4 Billion Merrill Lynch
Securities Fraud Settlement

*Bear Stearns $275 Million Settlement with

2012 Total $31,919,000,000



*JPM $13 Billion Civil Settlement with Justice
Department for Mortgage Lending Practices

*JPM $110 Million Settlement on manipulation of
Japanese version of Libor 

*JPM $4.5 Billion to 21 Institutional Investors
to Settle losses tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities

*JPM $100 Million Settlement to CFTC for London
Whale Trades 

*JPM $920 Million Settlements with OCC, SEC,
FED, UK Fin. Conduct Authority over London Whale

*JPM $410 Million Settlement over California
Electricity Rigging

*JPM $5.1 Billion FHFA Settlement

*Deutsche Bank $1.9 Billion Settlement with FHFA

*Deutsche Bank 725 Million Settlement for
Euribor and Yen Libor Rigging

*Bank of America $11.2 Billion Fannie Mae

*Bank of America $2.9 Billion Settlement with

*Bank of America $1.7 Billion MBIA Settlement

*Bank of America $131.8 Million SEC Settlement
over Mortgage Deals

*Societe Generale 446 Million Settlement
Euribor Manipulation 

*RaboBank $475 Million Settlement over Libor

*UBS $885 Million Settlement over FHFA Lawsuit

*RBS 391 Million Interest Rate Rigging

*Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley $557 Million
Settlement over Foreclosures 

*Wells Fargo $541 Million Fannie Mae Loan

*MF Global $100 Million to CFTC

*Citigroup $3.5 Billion FHFA Settlement

2013 Total $44,491,800,000


*JPM $2.6 Billion Settlement related to
Madoff Fraud

*Morgan Stanley $1.25 Billion Mortgage

*Bank of America $6.3 Billion Settlement of
Mortgage Securities Suit

*Citi $7 Billion Settlement for Mortgage

*US Bancorp $200 Million Settlement with DOJ
over bad Mortgage-Loan Apps

*Credit Suisse $885 Million Settlement over

*JPM $4 Billion Settlement over FHFA

*Deutsche Bank $1.9 Billion Settlement over
FHFA Lawsuit

*Credit Suisse Guilty with $2.6 Billion fine
over Tax Evasion 

*Bank of America $16.6 Million Settlement over
Sanctions Violations

*Bank of America $9.5 Billion FHFA Settlement

*Morgan Stanley $275 Million SEC Settlement over
Risky Mortgages

*Citigroup $5 Million SEC Settlement over

*BNP Paribas $8.9 Billion PLEADS GUILTY

*Pending Bank of America $13 Billion Settlement
over U.S. Mortgage Probe



2014 Total $75,015,000,000




Total Penalties $174,489,800,000.





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