Fiat Chrysler To Invest $1 Billion In The US, Add 2,000 Jobs

A bigger question is whether Fiat is not doing a bigger mistake by focusing on SUVs and pickups at the expense of sedans just as gas prices are set to rise again. U.S. consumers have increasingly shifted toward SUVs and pickup trucks and away from sedans in recent years, as gasoline prices have remained relatively low. A year ago, Marchionne said FCA would cease production of two sedans and focus on SUVs and pickups.

In an example of verbal foreplay that would make a Chinese concubine blush, Marchionne touched on almost everything that was relevant in Fiat's decision, except, well, what was relevant when he said in a statement on Sunday that the lineup changes were due to that consumer shift. "We continue to reinforce the U.S. as a global manufacturing hub" for SUVs and pickup trucks, he added.

And surely Trump's fire and brimstone-spewing twitter altar had absolutely nothing to do with it...

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