These Are The Top Global Risks For 2017 According To The World Economic Forum

And now, for the visual summary, first the The Risks-Trends Interconnections Map:


Next, the WEF's summary of The Evolving Risks Landscape, 2007-2017. It shows how the "world's most important people" have seen the transformation of risks over the past decade. We find it curious that after years of Social issues dominating the top spot, suddenly it is "extreme weather events" are the biggest risk for the world. Ironically, this takes place just as the social upheavals of the past year have converged to result in the biggest fallout against the status quo in modern history.

Next, is a simple summary of the WEF's Global Risks Landscape of 2017.

It's not just standalone risks - the next chat shows how global risks are interconnected.

Finally, here is a breakdown of all the various global risks the WEF can envision, which likely means that if anything threatens the system, it won't be on this list.


Full presentation below (pdf link)

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