SD Midweek: Overnight Strength in Gold & Silver Has Cartel In BIG TROUBLE

The VIX looks to be set for a move back down below 10 taking into consideration that short-term, steep trend-line. Of course, one of the easiest things to do to manipulate markets is buy the indexes, sell fear, and naked-short the heck out of gold & silver. It will go on until it can’t.

Just like a juggler cannot keep those balls in the air forever, the Fed, and for that matter the ESF and central banks all around the world, have been juggling these balls for quite some time now. Sure, there is massive air-time, but with it is a massive air-pocket. One miscalculation and they all come down.

We close out the week with a bonus chart to make a point about Wall St VS Main St:

While the release of the iPhone was covered all over the financial press, AAPL closed lower yesterday than on Monday. This will be a test of many firsts. Will consumers shell out $999 starting price for the iPhone X? Is the Apple Watch going to finally get a solid footing? If the release is not what the hype makes it out to be when the phone is finally available, what will justify a share price that is 57% higher than less than one year ago?

Either way, new iPhones means more demand for gold and silver. Just another check in the column for the bulls. has been on the leading edge of Gold News and Silver News Since 2011. Each month, more than 250,000 investors visit to gain insights on Precious Metals News as well as to stay up-to-date on World News impacting the metals markets.

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