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The cryptocurrency markets have shown high potential regarding returns on investments in recent times. With high profits, they have become the cynosure of the financial world, brewing interest among institutional investors and intraday traders alike. However, the primary challenge with these digital assets is their low liquidity which in turn manifests in the form of high volatility in the markets. The volatility and the feeble fabric of fundamentals surrounding these digital currencies make it difficult even for seasoned investors to take a definite call. Hence the majority of the players aren’t able to predict, time nor trade profitably in most situations.

To solve this problem and make cryptocurrency trading viable for everyone by minimizing the risk, Crypto20 is launching an index fund with 20 different cryptocurrencies to beat the market adversities. Let’s dive deep into how they are planning to do so:

What is CRYPTO20?

CRYPTO20 is the world’s best, completely autonomous, AI-backed, Tokenised Crypto-Index Fund. By being a basket token, C20 can hold 20 different tokens at any given time, solving a logistical nightmare. It holds the tokens and coins in cold storage making sure that the token is backed by actual assets. The token balances a portfolio of 20 coins using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, automatically adjusting the risk exposure every week. This enables the participants to bet on the market in general while reducing the risks due to volatility if they held only a few coins of interest.

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Link to Crypto20 Fact Sheet

Crypto20 Fact Sheet

Additional advantages:

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, the system is planned to be completely autonomous. The token’s smart contract enables it to be instantly liquid-able. Hence at any given time, the token can be liquidated to the value of its underlying asset. The assets for the C20 would be bought on multiple exchanges. This would help regarding reducing the slippage or taking advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that might arise due to price differences.

Presale and ICO launch:

The Presale for CRYPTO20 token would launch on 7th of October with incentives for early investors. The ICO is set for 16th of October, and the organization is expecting a quick and successful crowdsale. They are also planning for future ICOs with different portfolios backed by the same technology. The buyers of the CRYPTO20 ICO would have the edge over the other participants in these upcoming ICOs. All in all Crypto20 looks like a token that is undoubtedly a unique value-add to the crypto-ecosystem and something to definitely to watch out for.

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