Is Bitcoin Racist?

That includes a rather terse and matter-of-fact connection of goldbugs to conspiracy theory (again) and racism:

“[Ron] Paul claims to want the abolition of the Fed and a return to the gold standard, as if this would result in the kind of absolute economic freedom libertarians demand, which is itself a line of argument with deep connections to racist conspiracy theories in which Paul has long been implicated (see, e.g., “Ron Paul Sites” 2011).”

The citation of (See, e.g. “Ron Paul Sites” 2011) is where I would expect to see some kind of footnote or documentation of Ron Paul’s longstanding racism. There is no endnote which matches this citation. Of the book’s 10 endnotes, none of them speak to this. Are you supposed to google “Ron Paul Sites 2011 “? No idea.

Let me help you. The idea that Ron Paul is racist is frequently trotted out during his many presidential runs yet traces back to a single event, that some of his newsletters in the late 80’s or early 90’s allegedly contained inflammatory material. The letters in question weren’t even written by Ron Paul. They were ghostwritten – some theorize by Murray Rothbard or Lew Rockwell. The point is, from a guy decrying the lack of citations and attribution it’s an example of borderline defamation delivered as fact.

In multiple sections of the book when Golumbia attempts to delegitimize some aspect of criticism against the monetary orthodoxy he doesn’t actually address the dissenting ideas head-on, but cherry picks web comments left in response to some posting, or a discussion forum, leaving the source material alone and simply dismissing it as a cornerstone of right-wing extremist conspiracy theory.

The equivalent here would be if instead of  isolating some of the innumerable fallacies and factual errors in this book and offering specific refutations of them I rather offered criticisms of the more sycophantic and adoring Amazon reviews. But then I would not have proven anything. And neither has Golumbia.

In a closing crescendo Golumbia cites somebody I’ve never heard of  who floated an idea for an assassination marketplace that never launched, completed his flourish adding:

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