Ron Paul: "What Has QE Wrought?"

The obsession with a QE monetary policy has created a bubble economy of enormous size which one day will burst. The warning signs are everywhere, yet ignored. Political demands control policy; not common sense or sound economics. All major decisions are bipartisan and guarantee a continuation of current spending, taxing, inflationism, welfarism, and warfarism until the giant bubble bursts.

All recessions since the Great Depression were essentially caused by the Fed’s mismanagement of monetary policy and subsequently resolved by it with renewed vigor in monetary mischief by rigging interest rates and the money supply. This off and on process temporarily aided the economy, but structural defects multiplied. Debt accumulation, mal-investments, unfunded liabilities, welfare benefits, militarism, constant wars, uncontrolled government growth, and systematic attacks on our liberties, have continued unabated.

The people sense that a major crisis is fast approaching. Today’s Super Bubble economy, promulgated by the QE’s, must resolve itself. A continued program of spending and inflation, while financing even bigger government, will only exacerbate the social chaos that has already started. That is to be expected in a bankrupt nation. And the US is bankrupt! Eventually our dollar and credit will weaken, prohibiting us from living off others or our future generations.

Social conflict will add to the financial difficulties caused by the QE dangerous experiment. Trillions of new dollars created in the last decade is unprecedented and the full consequence of this policy is yet to be discounted. My concern is that it will be much more serious than most expect and few will be prepared to offer a solution -- other than to demand more government even if it’s at the expense of liberty, peace, and prosperity.

Prosperity, built on debt, inflation, and false government promises, is illusionary and can disappear quickly. It will be necessary that the people learn, or relearn, that debt is not wealth, paper is not money, free stuff is not justice, war is not peace, and government coercion is not liberty. Signs of social chaos are readily apparent and are a predictable consequence of the economic distortions created by the excesses of the QE bubble.

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