These Are The Top Risks 'We, Average Americans' Face In 2018

The big challenge facing the Trump Administration is that Americans are no longer distracted by small wars, in which the US Air Force annihilates the enemy with drone strikes from afar. Therefore, there is a huge threat that President Trump, in his quest for a good newsworthy opponent, might pick on the wrong guy.

North Korea, for example, which Trump has been trash-talking lately, just might have the tools to defend itself. Worse, China has quietly drawn a red line and said it would come to North Korea’s defence if that country is attacked.1

7. Trump’s “yes men”

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Trump Presidency is the obsequiousness he demands from his aides, who have been forced to smile, stand by and thus tacitly endorse racist, misogynist and borderline psychopathic rhetoric. The upshot is that most of Trump’s closest staff is comprised of either family, generals and … “yes men.”

This is particularly dangerous during an Imperial Presidency in which the Oval Office has acquired increasing powers. If Trump ever does veer off course, don’t expect his advisors to contain him.

8. Complex societies and clueless experts

Warren Buffet’s golden rule is: never invest in a company you don’t understand. Taking that example a step further, who would invest in the US dollar, when government actions have made American monetary policy impossible to comprehend?

One example suffices. As hard as it is to believe, the US government has printed so much money, it does not know how much is out there. As a result, the Federal Reserve does not publish conclusive statistics about the total money supply (M1 and M2 are only base estimates).

Innovations such as fractional reserve banking, the financial stability board, derivatives, the Fed’s secret trading desk—which we know exists, but government officials won’t fully disclose its activities—and the Euro dollar market mean a variety of players can expand or contract the money supply.

Like Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (which can fork and expand effortlessly), the US dollar is fraught with huge risks because holders can’t value the asset if they don’t know how much of it exists.

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