Global Networks Are Necessary To Overcome Abusive Governments And Oligarchy

Then he sums up the situation perfectly in a brilliant paragraph at the end.

Ultimately, the core question here is a simple one. What is a more serious threat: the ability of people to publish false claims (which have existed since humans developed the capacity to speak or write and are subject to correction), or vesting governments around the world to censor entire websites and social media postings on the ground that they have judged them to be “false” or “Fake”?  Since the advent of the internet, the one danger regarded as most menacing was having states and corporations assume control over the political content that one can express.

As you can see, oppressive governments all over the world are using identical strategies and messaging in an attempt to stifle public dissent and further consolidate power. The corrupt interests in charge of centralized hierarchies, on a global basis, view the citizenry as enemies who need to be silenced and cowed. It really is them against us, and by us I mean 99.9999% of humanity.

It’s time we recognize the truth and come together in an embrace of our common humanity.

If we do that, nothing can stop us from realizing our true potential as a species, which has been systematically repressed for far too long.

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