5 Companies Riding The Blockchain Wave

Blockchain can eventually affect every industry in the world--and make no mistake about it. Even if hyper-volatile cryptocurrencies are dipping and diving, the overall gains for many are thousand percentage points, and new multi-millionaires are being minted left and right.

Blockchain is its backbone—but it’s so much more than cryptocurrency. It is a technology that will up-end every single industry on the planet.

And sometimes all it takes to revive a dead dinosaur of a company right now is a whisper of blockchain involvement.

- Overstock has seen share prices jump over 300 percent in 12 months on a strategy shift to blockchain

- Kodak shares tripled in a day on the announcement of KodakCoin, and few of us even realized Kodak was still around

- MoneyGram bust through the gates by announcing a partnership ...View the full post at: 5 Companies Riding The Blockchain Wave ...

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