Trump Threatens "Reciprocal Tax" On Imported Goods

“After World War II, we helped Germany, and we helped all countries. You had the Korean War, we helped South Korea. We helped everybody, and nobody changed,” Mr. Trump said, adding that these countries are now “very wealthy” and “could pay us back.”

“The reason nothing happened is that, No. 1, no imagination. No. 2, the people that were in my office, and in other offices, were lazy. But we’re not going to be letting it go, because it’s truly affected our country.”

Since last April, the administration has also been exploring the possibility of new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and recently imposed tariffs on imported solar panels, a move that was interpreted as a swipe at China.

Trump also famously ordered a review of Chinese trade practices pertaining to transferring intellectual property rights for Chinese firms under an obscure trade-related statute that was last widely used during the Reagan administration. This investigation deadline is August, and could result in wide-ranging tariffs against America's largest trading partner.





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