5 Companies Changing The Mining Industry

Lithium prices have taken off. In just a few years, a ton of lithium has increased by 300%.

And while prices fell in early 2018, there's no question lithium demand will continue to grow.

The answer to the huge increase in demand is simple: electric vehicles (EV) are growing in popularity, and battery-based tech, particularly in renewable energy sectors, has pushed demand for lithium up and up.

The real question now is: how are lithium suppliers going to feed all this new demand

Thank Tesla, of course. The EV pioneer has risen the profile of EV tech and opened up its first "gigafactory" in January 2017. But Tesla isn't alone: it only provides 30% of EVs, and in a few decades demand for the vehicles is going to skyrocket in the US, Europe and Asia where sales of gas-powered cars could become illegal.

By 2025, the ...View the full post at: 5 Companies Changing The Mining Industry ...

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