Michael Cohen Declares "Independence" From Trump According To Clinton-Pal Attorney

He [Cohen] mentioned the FBI and said he respected the FBI as an institution, and actually thanked them even though they raided his offices. Donald Trump has said the opposite. 

He then said he believes the intelligence community's assessment unanimously that Russia meddled in the election, and then he went on to say anyone that believes Mr. Putin can't sustain that position. Exactly the opposite from Mr. Trump. 

Then he said that he does not understand that Trump tower meeting, he thought it was a dumb decision - something that Mr. Trump wouldn't necessarily like to hear. -Lanny Davis

When asked to opine on the FBI's conduct during the 2016 election and whether he thought there was any criminal behavior described in the Inspector General's report, Davis said he saw no criminal behavior by any of the subjects of the report, and that former FBI Director James Comey's "terrible judgement" cost Hillary the election. 

I think Mr. Comey showed such poor judgement because of the narcissistic view that whatever he decides is right must be right. He gets to violate justice department rules going back 50 years to speak within 11 days of an election. That's a violation. He gets to hold a press conference offering his opinion on criminal investigatory evidence. That's in violation. He should have been fired right after that July 5th press conference. And I hold the Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates responsible for not having the courage to enforce Justice Department policy. 

On the prospect of Hillary Clinton running in 2020, Davis said: 

no idea, she's a longtime friend of mine and I love her as a friend. After about 47 years from when we first met - she's a great human being, and for her sake and her family's sake - she has so much to give in public service I hope she doesn't put herself through it again. 

Watch an excerpt below:

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