Here Are All The Ways Inflation Is Happening Today

But it’s raising rates while the US government is running trillion-dollar deficits into perpetuity. And now it will have to pay more interest on that debt (which it already can’t afford).

The world hasn’t seen inflation in a decade now. But it’s coming. And while the Fed is raising rates to combat inflation, there’s zero chance it hits the perfect mix to keep markets chugging along.

Remember, we’ve already seen the stock market and real estate panic crash in response to a small interest rate hike.

And I think there’s more pain ahead as inflation really starts to work its way into the economy.

With inflation looming, I’d want to own some gold. I’m also happy waiting it out in 28-day Treasury bills, so I’m liquid when buying opportunities arise.

And next week, I’ll share another interesting asset you can hold to combat inflation (something that’s trading close to its post-crisis lows).

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