What Social Trends Told Us About The Economy In 2018

Google searches for the term "self-care" also moved higher this year as items like vitamins, plant-based diets, blankets and even jade facial rollers became popular. The fact that consumers (probably millennials) have money to shell out for conspicuous feel good crap products like essential oils means that discretionary spending is likely still chugging along - at least, for now.

Finally, the job market has gotten so strong that it has put those looking for open positions in full control. Long gone are the days of courtesy and the traditional two week's notice. Job seekers feel so empowered that some of those who have been dissatisfied with their jobs have even started the trend of “ghosting” employers by simply failing to turn up to work upon finding better employment. 

It should be interesting to see how this trend continues in 2019, when the job market is predicted to remain extremely tight even as the economy slows down notably. We'll check back in twelve months from now, when many of today's "empowered" job seekers will likely be unemployed, holding out for positions they think they're worth - in Mom or Dad's basement.

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