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S&P 500: Does Low Fear Portend High Risk?

Below is a free excerpt of the December 9, Profit Radar Report, which takes a detailed look at various sentiment, liquidity, breadth and moment indicators to gauge the down side risk. Since this update is published out of context with all the other updates, an additional “Summary” section is...

Is the Inverted Yield Curve a Bear Market Signal

Bloomberg just called the inverted yield curve the ‘harbinger of doom.” Is this a fact or fear mongering?
What is an inverted yield curve?
In the investment world, there is generally a strong correlation between maturity and yield. Longer-term maturities pay more interest than shorter-term...

S&P 500: Long-term Explains Short-term

In late October we were looking for a strong counter trend rally (S&P 500 projection published here), and wanted to short the S&P 500 in the 2,830 – 2,850 zone (red bar). The S&P fell short of our target, and relapsed at 2,817.
This week we wanted to buy the S&P 500 after a...

S&P 500: Short-term Outlook

This is a short-term S&P 500 outlook. A longer-term S&P 500 outlook is available here.
Below is a close-up look at the long-term forward projection in the October 21 Profit Radar Report and here. The original projection (in yellow) is drawn on a daily chart (instead of weekly) to show...

S&P 500: Pop and Drop?

In recent weeks I published several forward projections for the S&P 500. All of them had two things in common:
A bottom somewhere around 2,600
A rally towards 2,900
The first chart shows a progression of the ending diagonal (published in the October 24, 28, 29 Profit Radar Reports) we used...

XHB and Facebook – 2 Buy Signals

The following analysis was published in the October 28 Profit Radar Report:
Barron’s rates iSPYETF as “trader with a good track record” and Investor’s Business Daily says: “When Simon says, the market listens.” Find out why Barron’s and IBD endorse Simon Maierhofer’s Profit Radar...

S&P 500: Short-term Update

This is a short-term S&P 500 update. A longer-term S&P 500 update is available here.
The October 21 Profit Radar Report warned that: “The chart constellation suggests the potential for a mini crash are elevated. The ideal (down side) target for wave c is 2,675 or 2,587. Waves c are...

S&P 500 Update: Risk vs Reward Reversal

Back in February, the Profit Radar Report published the two most likely S&P 500 forward projections (one of them shown below, the other one was very similar), and stated that: “Both scenarios will eventually lead to new all-time highs.”

My ideal up side target has been 3,000+/-, but risk...

Millennials Are Flocking To Cheap Rust Belt Cities

Educated, but poor, millennials are transforming neighbourhoods in several Rust Belt states like Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin in search for affordable communities. Since the end of the American high (the late 1960s), the Rust Belt had experienced decades of deindustrialization and a mass exodus of residents.