Financial Advisors Eye Trade Desk Following Stellar Q4 Report, China Launch, and Potential Threat From Google

The US stock market gained some ground in March, with the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite leading the pack among major indexes with a 3.08% gain. The S&P 500 increased by 2.26%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average inched up by 0.89%.
The usual topics impacted market performance last month. It started on a positive note, with 2.9% GDP growth figures coming in for 2018. In addition, the White House sent signals suggesting that it is in the final stages of negotiating a trade deal with China, which would remove uncertainty that has been gripping the markets for months. However, no deal has been reached yet and there are reports of talks still being in progress. As March progressed, the mood was offset by less positive developments. The non-farm payroll report, while showing a decline in unemployment to 3.8%, also showed the addition of just 20,000 jobs in February, much lower than the expected 181,000 and the previous month’s figure of 311,000. Investors also worried about a slowdown in global growth sparked by weak economic data from around the globe. In Europe growth concerns lingered...

Financial Advisors Focused On Earnings Reports

The main US stock market indices inched up higher in February amid a strong earnings season that offset ongoing political turmoil and trade concerns. The S&P 500 closed the month up 2.88%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced by 3.40%. The NASDAQ Composite gained 3.70%. February saw the bulk of the fourth-quarter earnings season conclude. According to FactSet, by March 1, 96% of companies in the S&P 500 reported their results for the quarter...

Financial Advisors Put Pfizer in Spotlight On The Back of Trial Updates As Major Developments Shake Market In December

After having had a choppy start of 2018, the US stock market had a rough ending as well. Not only did all three major stock indexes lose ground, but they actually gave up all of their gains and ended the year in the red. There were several reasons behind the “bloodshed” in the markets last month. Mainly, investors were concerned about the trade issues with China, the Fed’s hawkish approach to interest rates and sluggish global growth...

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