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"A Critical Juncture": Why One Trader Thinks An Equity Meltdown And Dollar Surge Is Imminent

For everyone watching the paradoxical dance between rising bond yields and higher stocks with great interest, wondering when the correlation will finally snap, and what happens then, then the latest thoughts from Bloomberg macro commentator, and Lehman veteran Mark Cudmore, will make for a very interesting read. From Mark Cudmore's latest Macro View Tactically Bullish Dollar and Bearish U.S. Equities: Macro View Treasury yields are not in equilibrium at current levels. If they go higher, the dollar will rise and equities will fall. If they go lower... -Zero Hedge

House Prices and Inventory

This will be an interesting year for housing. With the tax changes - and rising mortgage rates - a key question is: What will be the impact on housing?The answer is no one knows for sure. For the possible impact of tax changes on housing, see: Question #10 for 2018: Will the New Tax Law impact Home Sales, Inventory, and Price Growth in Certain States?It is difficult to measure demand directly, but inventory is fairly easy to track. Watching existing home "for sale" inventory is very helpful. As an example, the increase in inventory in late 2005 helped... -Calculated Risk

Gartman: "Today Is "Make-Or-Break" Day For Our Shorts"

One day after we first reported the bizarre news that "world-renowned commodities guru" Dennis Gartman had blown up his retirement account by investing in alleged cryptofraud Riot Blockchain (no, really), a far more important moment of reckoning is upon us: whether or not Gartman will finally be stopped out of his short, which was put on at the market lows on the Friday after the Feb 5 crash, allowing the market to resume its slide. As Gartman admits: "we are within a hair’s breadth of doing precisely that. Today shall be the “make-or-break” day for... -Zero Hedge

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