An exciting time for the Data Tribe

This is an exciting time to be a member of the “data tribe” (those who follow data closely and are willing to change their views based on the data). There are two new internet sites worth following: The Upshot at the NY Times, and Vox (both feeds added to right sidebar).

Here is fun piece from Neil Irwin at The Upshot: No One Cares About Economic Data Anymore. That’s Good News.

If people in your office seem to be tingling with excitement this week, it is probably because of all the big economic news on the way. The two biggest regular United States economic reports are scheduled to come out, with first-quarter gross domestic product on tap for Wednesday and April jobs numbers out on Friday. Federal Reserve policy makers are meeting Tuesday and Wednesday for one of their regular sessions to set the nation’s monetary policy. And a variety of other important data releases are coming, including personal income and spending, manufacturing and home prices.

What, no tingling? You’re not alone. Because as important as all that stuff is, it is substantially less important, and less interesting, than it has been any time in the last seven years. The economy has gotten boring, and that’s fantastic news — even if it would be even better news if that underlying growth path were a bit stronger.

Personally I’m excited about all the data to be released this week, but Irwin makes an excellent point. Most people don’t feel the need to pay close attention any more.

P.S. A suggestion for The Upshot – drop the “The”, just Upshot, it is cleaner.

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