From The Rivers To The Sea, Irish Water Will Be Free

We Irish people love this Island we come from. We love the land, the air, the water, the sea, the creatures. They are part of our soul and identity. As vulture banksters and their cronies circle to ‘own’ and ‘sell’ this part of our soul back to us, we, the people of Ireland, are resoundingly saying-

 ”NO! Enough is enough! We don’t believe your lies and we can’t and won’t pay you anything more. We know about you banksters and that you and the Fine Gael/ Labour government as well as the government before you have shafted us. The camel’s back in broken. Main stream media are colluding nincompoops and the spin is dead.”

Carrying a selection of homemade and other placards/ banners, over 100,000 mammies, daddies, grannies, granddads, sisters, brothers, children, babies, relations, friends and dogs, from every corner of the country, marched 5 km through Dublin city centre, bringing public transport and traffic to a standstill for over 3 hours. The small number of tourists on the pavements looked on in wonder as the elite observed from bijou bistros and beauty parlours. Cars honked in approval.
Wifi signals were killed en route as helicopters rattled overhead. The good natured crowd marched, drumming, singing and chanting-“From the rivers to the sea, Irish water will be free”, “Can’t pay, wont pay”, “Enda Kenny, Not a penny”,and ”Stick your water meter up your A***”, to the tune of “she’ll be comin’ round the mountain”.The hopelessness of isolation gave way to a tide of solidarity, lifting the spirits and bringing a swell of pride and tears.

Underlining the mood Paul Murphy (Socialist Party) won the Dublin South West bye-election on an anti water charges ticket, narrowly beating the Sinn Fein candidate. Not a government party in sight.
The most significant demonstration in a decade, the people have  turned against compliance leaving the bankster crony government in big trouble.Socialist Paul Murphy beats Sinn Féin to win Dublin South-West by-election

Thousands have taken to the streets of Dublin city centre this afternoon to protest against water charges.

Largest Irish anti-austerity march in years targets water charges