Enterprise Group (TSX:E) Q1/2018 eps $0.06 vs Q1/2017 eps ($0.02)

This should be good.

Enterprise Group has experienced almost four years of share price consolidation, following the vicious 2014 resource sector decline. The Company is now stronger and leaner than pre-2014, and management’s aggressive initiatives have seen the stock price rise to new 52-week highs. The Company remained cashflow positive throughout and profitable Q3, Q4 2015 and Q1 2018.

June 2013-May 2018 Enterprise Group (E: TSX)

Background Facts:

– Book Value $1.01

– Current share price $0.55

– No debt

– NCIB of 5% of E stock ongoing.

– $40 million in bank lines available for funding acquisitions

– Q1 2018 eps $0.06 vs. Q1 2017 eps ($0.02)

– Net income Q1 2018 $3.2 million versus Q1 2017 ($50,627)

– Q1 2018 Revenues down 3% from Q1 2017

– Development of proprietary ‘Star’ inventory …View the full post at: Enterprise Group (TSX:E) Q1/2018 eps $0.06 vs Q1/2017 eps ($0.02)

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