These are the Early Leaders in the Medical Cannabis Boom

Cannabis stocks have been red hot in 2019.

It’s just the beginning of a bigger move, though. In fact, analysts at Piper Jaffray said the outlook for medical cannabis, in particular, is hotter than ever.

All as millions of people living all over the world look to embrace the medicinal properties of cannabis, related companies are quickly gaining the attention of cannabis investors.

Better yet, analysts at Jefferies say the cannabis industry could reach $130 billion by 2029.

“This assumes full U.S. federal legalization, full recreational and medical legalization across Europe, full medical and recreational legalization across Lat Am, and cannabis disruption of a number of other industries,” noted the analysts, as quoted by Yahoo Finance. “Industries at risk of disruption are pharma, alcohol, …View the full post at: These are the Early Leaders in the Medical Cannabis Boom

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