Sonos rallies after DA Davidson calls 'natural acquisition target' for Apple

DA Davidson analyst Tom Forte reiterates a Buy rating on Sonos (SONO) with a $20 price target following Alphabet's (GOOG, GOOGL) acquisition of Fitbit (FIT). The stock in early trading is up 82c to $14.28. The analyst sees Sonos as the most likely company he covers to have its shares rally from either an improvement in investor perception or a takeover. Sonos is the "best house" on the "bad block" of hardware companies, and is "adjacent to the mansion on the neighboring block, Apple (AAPL)," Forte tells investors in a research note. Similar to Apple, Sonos makes products that are superior to the competition, has an eye for design, and boasts a premium brand that enables it to sell its products at higher prices than others, the analyst says. Further, Forte believes that similar to Fitbit not getting proper credit for its healthcare-related efforts, Sonos does not get credit for its superior technology and premium brand. As such, he sees Sonos as a "natural acquisition target for Apple." Furthermore, while less obvious than Apple, Amazon (AMZN) could acquire Sonos to advance its connected home efforts, according to Forte. The analyst also thinks the company could go private given the "lack of appreciation by Wall Street."

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