Pivotal cuts Amazon target to $2,100, says estimates ‘stubbornly too high’

Pivotal Research analyst Michael Levine lowered his price target for Amazon.com to $2,100 from $2,500 while maintaining a Buy rating on the shares. The stock in late morning trading is up $17.21 to $1,791.05. Consensus estimates going into 2020 “remain stubbornly too high,” Levine tells investors in a research note titled “The Best Company on the Planet (In Our View) May Not be the Best Stock on the Planet in 2020.” In Q2 of 2020, Amazon will lap the “meaningful step down” in Web Services margins as well as the introduction of one-day shipping, “but it is not clear to us that the bounce back will be as strong as people expect,” says the analyst. Further, he believes Q1 of 2020, the next catalyst along with Q4 earnings, “is clearly modeled too high.”