FCC Chairman Pai to Announce C-Band Auction Plan on February 6, ITIF Says

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, or ITIF, announced in a post to its events website that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will "announce the next steps in repurposing a large portion of C-band spectrum to fuel 5G deployment in the United States" on February 6 in an event scheduled for 12 pm to 1 pm EST.

The event summary reads in part: "The United States has a real opportunity to lead in the next generation of 5G wireless connectivity, but doing so will require adequate public airwaves be made available to carry all the data.

The so-called "C-band"-from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz-is widely seen as an ideal swath of spectrum for the job, as it offers an attractive balance of geographic coverage and capacity for large amounts of data.

The FCC has announced it will auction this spectrum in short order, but key questions remain." Previously, the C-Band Alliance, or "CBA," comprised of global satellite operators Intelsat (I), SES , and Telesat, responded to an announcement by Pai by stating that "The FCC Chairman's indication that he intends to pursue a public auction of C-band spectrum is a significant departure from the CBA's market-based proposal.

We will continue to work cooperatively with the FCC to develop an effective alternative plan and achieve the best outcome for the American public while protecting the interests of our users and the rights of our companies."

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