Going into the long weekend, I think you have to have $NNVC on your radar given the recent news flow. Nanoviricides, ticker symbol NNVC, is the leader when it comes to COVID-19, aka the corona virus. Similar to how bitcoin is the leader for alt. coins. NNVC was the first to move, and move bigly. The other virus stocks follow NNVC.

I know there are people suffering from this horrible virus, so let me just get that out. But, this is a site dedicated to bringing you guys, the reader, stock picks.

We now have proof that China is lying on the amount of people infected. We also have confirmation that the virus can be spread without showing symptoms. Either this virus is “Just the flu” or something way worse. The action in stocks today said that this is just the flu.

We will know soon how serious this is, likely by the time we come back on Tuesday. While we wait, I’ll be hiding out in $NNVC.



Under $7, and the trade likely becomes a bust. Make sure you have your stops in place and plans for position sizing should we get another stock offering, diluting shares.

Godspeed to the people of Wuhan.