This Stock Went UP in March

As you may be aware, the stock market saw a fast-paced, ugly retreat in March upon the expeditious outbreak of what has become commonly known as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the virus has yet to have a vaccine treatment available, one can’t help but wonder, “will a pharmaceutical company produce a vaccine which can help treat those affected by COVID-19?”

In short, the answer is Gilead Sciences (NYSE: GILD) became the first company in the world to diligently begin testing and producing a COVID-19 vaccine. Wall Street quickly took notice of Gilead’s multiple press releases and statements surrounding this venture.

In fact, during a week when the stock market witnessed its fastest drop ever, Gilead’s stock price per share actually went up!

In recent hours, financial professional Cory Kasimov of JP Morgan stated that Gilead’s COVID-19 vaccine is showing promise and awaiting further findings, yet to be announced, but comes with much anticipation as the world would fervently welcome a proven COVID-19 treatment.

As the enterprise prepares to reveal additional insights that emerge from their testing initiatives, professional trader anticipation of whether it will be positive or negative could not be higher. If Gilead’s results are positive, I expect the stock to soar and Wall Street’s high frequency trading algorithms to profit on the ride up.

If Gilead’s anticipated data is disappointing, well, I expect millions of dollars to be put to work shorting Gilead stock as a result.

I’ll be looking to make the same exact moves in the hours or days ahead, and here’s how…

The chart above shows a green line, Gilead’s 20-day simple moving average line. If the price moves above it, and vaccine development remains on the path to a promising outcome , I’ll place a bullish trade.

Should price move downward below the line and optimism of a treatment for COVID-19 stagnate, I’ll simply place a bearish trade.

My bearish trading plan is a friendly reminder that it’s possible to make money in both green and red markets. In fact, with markets being as volatile as they have been in recent weeks – I’ve been doing it on a weekly basis.

Yours for TrackStar trading,

Davis Martin
America’s #1 Premarket and Day Trader

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This article is for information purposes only and opinion-based on financial advisor data across a selection of websites. Investors should be cautious about any and all investments and are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions.

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