Apple Closes The Month Of July Like A Man; Here Are Your Leaders Heading Into Fall

It was another great week for the market as $AAPL finished off the month of July in stellar fashion. As of right now Apple trades with a market cap nearing 2 trillion and ranked #22 in our Exodus Algorithm. Goldman says this move in AAPL is unsustainable, but for now the momentum is in its favor, ranking in the top 25 to end the week.

With the week and month ending, here is a look at the current top 100 names: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Remember, this list is ever-changing and the ranking is calculated by the combined financial and technical score, we call this the hybrid score.

Tickers I’ll be watching into next week from this week’s screen include: FB, QCOM, MRVL, GSX, TTD, CRUS, UCTT, SFUN, & FLDM 

Have a good weekend all.