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Top 20 Tickers from TrackStarIQ (ETFs & ETF Categories)

Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE) was a big mover Wednesday. The stock fell 11% on reports the company terminated its CFO, effective immediately. A pullback was not entirely surprising given the headline, and considering the stock’s 260% year-to-date surge.

In fact, yesterday’s update showed that Sorrento was the No. 1 stock researched by financial advisors over the last 30 days, according to TradeStarIQ rankings, followed by Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL).

Today we’re shifting focus out of equities and into funds. Below are the ETFs and categories that generated the most, or most-heavily growing, engagement from Financial Advisors.

Top ETFs by Total Traffic (30 days):

Rank Ticker ETF
3 QQQ Invesco QQQ Trust
2 SLV iShares Silver Fund
1 SPY SPDR 500 Trust

Top ETFs by Traffic Surge (past 7 days):

Rank Ticker ETF
3 XLC Communication Sector SPDR
2 VCIT Vanguard Interm-Term Corp Bond ETF
1 DGAZ VelocityShares 3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN

Top ETF Categories by Total Traffic (30 days):

Rank Category
3 Leveraged Equities
2 Precious Metals
1 Large Cap Growth Equities

Top ETF Categories by Traffic Surge (past 7 days):

Rank Category
3 High Yield Bonds
2 Total Bond Market
1 Small Cap Value Equities

Rank (Verified FA Traffic) ETFs Researched – by Total Traffic ETFs Researched – by Greatest Surge in Traffic (7 days) ETF Categories Researched – by Total Traffic ETF Categories Researched – by Greatest Surge in Traffic (7 days)
1 SPY DGAZ Large Cap Growth Equities Small Cap Value Equities
2 SLV VCIT Precious Metals Total Bond Market
3 QQQ XLC Leveraged Equities High Yield Bonds
4 GDX HYG Materials Inflation-Protected Bonds
5 GLD SPXL Leveraged Commodities Technology Equities
6 TQQQ SPXS Small Cap Growth Equities Large Cap Value Equities
7 IWM KNOW Health & Biotech Equities MLPs
8 IBB TZA All Cap Equities Industrials Equities
9 XLF IBB Technology Equities Metals
10 VGK SMH Government Bonds Mid Cap Blend Equities
11 USO XLV Europe Equities Japan Equities
12 DGAZ DUST Financials Equities Small Cap Growth Equities
13 DIA MJ Oil & Gas Consumer Staples Equities
14 SPXU NRGU Small Cap Blend Equities National Munis
15 GUSH VIG Energy Equities Inverse Equities
16 ARKK ARKG Large Cap Blend Equities Foreign Large Cap Equities
17 TLT IWF Total Bond Market Large Cap Blend Equities
18 SQQQ XLRE Global Equities Corporate Bonds
19 IJH JETS Industrials Equities Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds
20 NUGT IGV High Yield Bonds Asia Pacific Emerging Markets Equities

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