Who supports local control?

When I complained about Trump’s shift toward a pro-zoning position, his supporters insisted that he was merely standing up for local control. I pointed out that this is nonsense; Trump only supports local control when local governments do what he wants them to do. (Just as he is only opposes cancel culture when he’s not doing the cancelling.)

It just took a few days for Trump to prove me right:

President Donald Trump won’t allow California schools to incorporate a curriculum based on the controversial New York Times 1619 Project.

Trump said Sunday that the Department of Education was investigating allegations that California was incorporating the 1619 Project into its lessons. He threatened to take away federal funding if they do.

It’s not about “local control”. The GOP is moving toward a pro-zoning position. Libertarians need to understand that fact.

PS. Completely off topic: People are having a field day mocking Southern Cal for suspending a professor for speaking a certain Chinese word to his class. The media says that the Chinese word in question sounds like the “n-word”. I’ve heard my wife say “nega” thousands of times—it’s probably the single most often used word in the entire Chinese language. I never once thought the word sounded like the n-word, for the simple reason that it doesn’t.

Just wait until the American public finds out that the Chinese word for pig (and pork) actually does sound almost exactly like the English word “Jew”!