What’s Driving a 5-Day 150% Surge in This eCommerce Play?

Headquartered in Austin, TX, BigCommerce (BIGC) has become a leading e-commerce software platform providing startups and established companies with everything needed to launch and operate an online store. Founded in 2009, the company held an initial public offering last month, and shares have witnessed wild swings since that time.

Financial advisors are actively researching BigCommerce as a potential investment opportunity. According to TrackStarIQ rankings, the stock saw a surge of interest late last week, as the stock tumbled 16.8% Thursday, only to rebound 14.4% Friday. Still, at $95, the stock is well above its IPO listing price of $24 and the August 5th opening price of $68 (shares reached a high of $162.50 on 8/27 after a five-day 150% surge).

In this edition of Advisors in Focus: TrackStar Insights, we look at some of the tickers and groups that saw increasing interest as stocks sold off—and the S&P 500 shed 4.5%—Thursday-Friday last week. I The latest rankings of stocks, ETFs, and industry groups or categories with surging interest from financial advisors appear below.

Top Stocks by Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Ticker      Company     
3 ATGN Altigen Communications
2 DOCU DocuSign
1 BIGC BigCommerce Holdings

Top Industry Groups by Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Industry Group     
3 Staffing & Employment Services
2 Uranium
1 Trucking

Top ETFs by Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Ticker      Group     
3 GDX VanEck Vectors Gold Mining Fund
2 VOO Vanguard S&P 500
1 ARKK ARK Innovation ETF

Top ETF Categories by Traffic Surge* :

Rank      ETF Category     
3 Inverse Equities
2 Total Bond Market
1 Corporate Bonds

*Surge in traffic is evaluated by the increase in average traffic from the previous two days from the 5-day period preceding it.

Rank (Verified FA Traffic) Top 20 Surging Stocks by Financial Advisor Traffic (2 days average vs. previous 5-day average) Top 20 Surging Industry Groups by Financial Advisor Traffic (2 days average vs. previous 5-day average) Top 20 Surging ETFs by Financial Advisor Traffic (2 days average vs. previous 5-day average) Top 20 Surging ETF Categories by Financial Advisor Traffic (2 days average vs. previous 5-day average)
1 BIGC Trucking ARKW Corporate Bonds
2 DOCU Uranium VOO Total Bond Market
3 ATGN Staffing & Employment Services GDXJ Inverse Equities
4 NVDA Telephone and telegraph apparatus NAIL All Cap Equities
5 ILAL Electronic components, misc ITA Oil & Gas
6 EMAN Subdivisers and developers, misc ARKG Mid Cap Growth Equities
7 OMER Real Estate – General XLK Industrials Equities
8 GE Beverages DIA Emerging Markets Equities
9 SMTI Credit Services QQQ Leveraged Equities
10 NVAX Beverages – Wineries & Distilleries TQQQ Small Cap Growth Equities
11 XOM Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing SQQQ Materials
12 TNXP Surgical appliances and supplies SPY Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds
13 LCA Integrated Shipping & Logistics XLI Large Cap Growth Equities
14 AMZN Beverages – Brewers IWM Technology Equities
15 SRNE Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts GDX Real Estate
16 STNG Custom computer programming services IHI Utilities Equities
17 CAPR Motors and generators ARKK Diversified Portfolio
18 INFI Consumer Electronics IAU Building & Construction
19 KTOV Restaurants DBB Alternative Energy Equities
20 TDOC Drilling oil and gas wells IEI Health & Biotech Equities

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