Explosive 200%+ Share Price Move As Micro-Cap Announces Staggering Account Growth

Killi Ltd. (TSX-Venture:MYID) (OTC:MYIDF) is a consumer privacy ecosystem that pays consumers for the right to their data in order to level the data playing field. While data security and digital privacy have been a growing concern over the last decade, Killi has made great strides in providing transparency and even compensation for the use of individual consumer data.

Today it was announced that Killi has added a whopping 25 Million accounts in just the first two weeks of September. When comparing this figure to the 4.8M added in the full month of August, it shows a tremendous gain in momentum for the service. Investors seem to agree that this is indeed a significant accomplishment for the company while it’s shares are trading up 223% DoD to $.21 CAD/share, blasting through the prior 52-week high of $.12 CAD.

Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Killi Ltd highlighted a great perspective as to why the company feels compelled to succeed; “The goal of Killi is to redistribute wealth back to everyday citizens based on what’s rightfully theirs. With unemployment at 10%, even a small redistribution of money can make a material difference to a consumer.”

In addition to news and current price action, we always like to see what the insiders are doing at the company in question. As of early summer 2020, key executives have been issued additional stock options, which apart from potential share dilution in the future, we always see as a positive sign of things to come, as this typically better aligns shareholders’ interests with their own. With investors positively reacting to the strong growth of the company within the multi-billion dollar market, there may be more room for this stock to run.