Trump is not Cary Grant

By all means support Trump.
By all means vote for Trump if you wish (I’d prefer you didn’t).
But stop the insanity! Stop making excuses for Trump.

A few months ago, multiple commenters told me that Trump wasn’t to blame for the excessively large CARES Act. To get needed aid, he had to acquiesce to the demands of the big spending Dems in Congress.

Sorry, but that’s not true:

“Here’s the problem: she doesn’t want to do anything until after the election, because she thinks that helps her,” Trump said on Fox News Tuesday. “I want to do it even bigger than the Democrats. Not every Republican agrees with me, but they will,” he also said, reiterating that he’s willing to go beyond the $2.2 trillion top-line number Democrats favor.

Trump is more of a socialist than Pelosi. Deal with it. He also favored big spending increases during 2018-19, even though spending growth would normally slow during a boom, as programs like unemployment compensation decline.

So by all means support Trump (I hope you don’t.)

But stop pretending that the GOP is forced into these big spending packages.

In the entire history of the world, only one man has ever been forced to get drunk (Cary Grant in North By Northwest.) Donald Trump is no Cary Grant. If someone’s drunk with spending, we can safely assume they chose to end up in that condition.

PS. At $2.2 trillion, this is the most expensive election in global history. American elections cost more than the GDP of all but a handful of countries. And I haven’t even included the absurdly large farm welfare spending that’s already been paid out to all those lazy single moms, er, I mean to all those rugged individualist farmers in the heartland.

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