Partnership With T-Mobile Propels Shares Of Tech Micro Cap To Rally 60% On Day

Shares of tech company, IGEN Networks Corp. (OTCQB:IGEN) (CSE:IGN) are surging in today’s trade as the company announced the signing of a Partner Agreement with Hyperion Partners, Master Agent for T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) Business. The Partner Agreement enables the sales of IGEN products and services through Hyperion channels that include Resellers, Referrers, and a prerequisite for T-Mobile’s “Sell with Partner” program and the most recently announced T-Mobile Business Partner Program.

The T-Mobile Business Partner Program is a comprehensive program to support T-Mobile’s Indirect Business Channels through a full-service portal, social marketing tools to drive demand, and co-branding material to support the sales and marketing of partner products and services.

VP & GM Abel Sierra of IGEN Networks Corp stated, “This is an exciting opportunity for us to be able to market our products through Hyperion Partners and through their Master Agent relationship with T-Mobile for Business. Combined with Hyperion Partner’s expansive Reseller and Referrer channels across the US, we now are qualified to expand our sales channels across automotive dealerships, credit unions, and commercial fleet businesses through T-Mobile Business sales and marketing eco-system.”

As mentioned, investors are applauding the partnership with shares of IGEN rallying over 63% in early-afternoon trading on over 157 million in volume with shares currently at $0.01. Today’s move higher breaks the stock out of a downward trend that has been in place since late-August.