Stolen election claims aren’t just wrong, they’re laughable

You don’t need to look at all the various claims of electoral fraud to know that this election was not stolen (although doing so shows they are almost entirely without merit.) Rather one can easily establish that the election was not stolen merely by looking at the data.

First of all, Biden will win by 7 or 8 million votes. As far as I know, no one has ever claimed that election fraud occurs at the level of millions, at most it would be 100,000s, and even that’s highly implausible. That means that Biden really did win the election by perhaps 7 million votes. In that case, it would be shocking if he did not win the Electoral College.

Now you could argue that there was fraud in a few close states, and that that tipped the election to Biden. But in the end even states like Michigan and Pennsylvania won’t be all that close, so the most likely suspects would be Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona.

But why would a nefarious Democratic plot target Georgia? Before the election, both Florida and North Carolina looked like more plausible targets. And yet there are basically zero accusations of widespread voter fraud in Florida, where Trump did better than expected. And Trump did especially well in exactly the sort of corrupt places where voter fraud would be most likely to occur, if it occurred at all—Dade County.

Wisconsin is an even more far-fetched example. Republican conspiracy theorists focus on Milwaukee, but Trump lost because affluent areas around Milwaukee and Madison swung sharply to Biden, just as those sorts of areas did all across America:

But don’t be fooled by those big blue arrows near Milwaukee, those are shifts, not levels. Trump still easily won the suburban counties outside Milwaukee, just by less than in 2016. These are Republican counties, and they are also some of the least corrupt places in all of America. The idea that Biden would steal an election by getting strongly Republican counties in Wisconsin with a “good government” tradition to switch votes for him is laughable.

Now I suppose one could argue that even though Milwaukee didn’t move very much toward Biden, it was also corrupt in 2016. But cities like Milwaukee always go overwhelming Democratic, all across America and in every single election.

People need to use their brains. I don’t doubt that a handful of votes were stolen in this district and that, and that some of the stolen votes went each way. But Biden’s going to win by 7 or 8 million votes. With that margin it’s overwhelmingly likely that the tipping point states would favor Biden. This was not a stolen election.

Arizona also seems unlikely, as it’s not an old state with a long history of Democratic big city machines, rather it’s a young and growing state that’s very suburban and traditionally Republican.

Claiming the election was stolen when Biden won by 7 million votes is like claiming your card dealer was dishonest because you weren’t dealt a royal flush. People need to get a grip on reality, and learn some math.

PS. That big blue arrow northwest of Green Bay is an Indian reservation, with few people. Smaller blue arrows between Green Bay and Wisconsin’s western edge (close to Minneapolis) are modest size Wisconsin towns, with roughly 50,000 people each. Most rural counties have red arrows.


Yes, Biden getting more votes than Obama is “proof” that Biden stole the election. And yet how could Trump be anything but a sore loser? He’s almost unique among human beings in having literally no good points. None.

Trump lost by a much wider margin that Mitt Romney, and to a far weaker candidate than Barack Obama. Pathetic.

And he may well be elected president in 2024.

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