Monthly Revenue Up +195% YoY – Stock Rips

It is not the most common thing to discuss the fundamentals of a micro cap, partially due to the fact that some companies trading on OTC pink have optionality on how often they want to release earnings if the company meets certain criteria. Well just today, a small CBD company reported revenue of $2.018 million in July 2021, which was up +195% YoY. Shares of CBD of Denver Inc. (OTCPK:CBDD) rallied on the news.

CBD Of Denver Inc. is a company engaged in the development of CBD products and related social networking. In addition, the company produces and markets a line of innovative CBD products. The network helps to connect CBD users from America and around the world to interact and discuss CBD uses, treatments, and products. Its brands include CBD Social Network; Black Peal CBD and CBDD Health Care Professionals.

Shares ripped on investor optimism as price climbed up to $0.0095/share (+7.34%) following the announcement. This move is a breath of fresh air for long term investors that have been holding since the 52-week high of $0.038/share.