Meta Platforms To Open First Retail Store In California

%MetaPlatforms ($FB) is opening its first retail store location in California on May 9.

The store run by Meta, the parent company of social media platform Facebook, will be a 1,550-square-foot space located on the company’s campus in Burlingame, California. The store will sell Meta’s %VirtualRealityHeadsets, video chat devices, and %SmartGlasses.

The opening of a retail store highlights how seriously the technology company is getting about creating and selling consumer hardware, taking on rivals such as %Google ($GOOGL) and %Apple ($AAPL) that also have physical store locations.

Meta Platforms is focusing on developing the so called %Metaverse, a virtual reality world that is largely conceptual at this point. Virtual reality headsets and smart glasses that people use to access the metaverse are not yet mainstream among consumers.

Meta is hoping that as more people try out its technology, they’ll understand why the company believes the metaverse will succeed the current version of the internet.

Meta’s store will feature products such as Meta’s first pair of smart glasses that let users snap photos and 30-second videos. People will also be able to check out Facebook’s line of video chat devices called “Portal” that became more popular during the pandemic.

Consumers can also try Meta’s latest virtual reality headset, the %Quest2, and play games such as %BeatSaber, %GolfPlus, %RealVRFishing and Supernatural on the device. A wall-to-wall curved LED screen will display what people are seeing in virtual reality.

Visitors to the store will be able to purchase the Quest 2 headset and accessories, along with the Portal video chat devices. Meta Platforms also said it’s launching a shop tab on that will showcase all of its hardware products.

The Meta Store will be open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Meta Platforms said it plans to eventually open additional physical store locations across the U.S.

Other technology giants have opened physical stores recently. In 2021, Google parent company Alphabet opened its first store in New York City to sell products such as the company’s Pixel phones and Nest speakers. E-commerce giant %Amazon ($AMZN) has said that it’s focusing on growing its brick-and-mortar business with grocery stores and apparel.

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