When even the toilets don’t work

Eighteen months after leaving office, I don’t recall continuing to see 3 or 4 Gerald Ford stories a day in the media. But Trump is not a Ford-like mediocrity, he’s special. The news media is now like one of those TV black comedies (say Better Call Saul), except it’s real life:

An apparel company known for inflammatory apparel championing the Second Amendment and Donald Trump has been fined after the Federal Trade Commission found the company falsely claimed its imported apparel is made in the U.S.

Utah-based Lions Not Sheep and its owner, SeanWhalen, were slapped with a $211,335 fine last week after the FTC found the company removed “Made in China” tags, replacing them with fake “Made in the USA” labels, according to a FTC news release.

Or how about this:

President Donald Trump once told a top adviser that he wanted “totally loyal” generals like the ones who had served Adolf Hitler — unaware that some of Hitler’s generals had tried to assassinate the Nazi leader several times, according to a new book about the Trump presidency.

Trump complained to John Kelly, then his chief of staff and a retired Marine Corps general, “why can’t you be like the German generals?” according to “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021” by journalists Peter Baker and Susan Glasser.

When Kelly asked which generals he meant, Trump replied: “The German generals in World War II.”

It’s absurd when people compare Trump to Hitler. The German Führer had much more loyal generals.

Or how about this:

Trump had been bothered by a picture he saw of the teenaged children of Kleefisch and state Supreme Court Justice Brian Hagedorn attending prom together, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Hagedorn is a conservative who sided with the court’s liberals on various 2020 election-related cases.

So let me get this straight. Trump hates the former Republican lieutenant governor because her children once went to a prom with the children of a conservative judge who failed to rule his way on an election case? I always knew Trumpism was a personality cult, but this is a North Korean level of paranoia.

And this:

“Here’s some reporting from the book’s later years — White House residence staff periodically found papers had clogged a toilet, leaving staff believing Trump had flushed material he’d ripped into pieces.”

And this from the Donald himself:

After all these years, Trump has now come around to my view. When the Donald and I look at America, we see exactly the same thing:

When even the toilets are all clogged up, then you know you are not in a first world country.

I look forward to 6 1/2 more years of this reality TV show.

PS. So I see that lots of Republicans now wish to defund the (federal) police. But they wish to do so for totally different reasons from those of the left. The left wants to defund the police because the police abuse people in the left political coalition. In contrast, the right wants to defund the police because the police abuse people in the right political coalition.

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