15 Most Valuable Companies in Canada

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Canada is a natural resource-rich country with the second-largest landmass in the world. Having a smaller population of 37 million in 2018 and a higher GDP, Canada enjoys the title of one of the richest countries in the world. However, the population is increasing in Canada at a rate of 1.4% per annum, and it is the highest among the G7 countries.

In 2019, the World Bank reported the GDP of Canada to be $1.736 trillion. The major contributors to Canada’s GDP are real estate, mining, tech, oil and gas extraction and finance. During the Q2 of 2020, the Canadian economy plunged by a record 38.1% on an annualized basis due to COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions. However, in May 2020, Canada created over 290,000 new jobs. Similarly, in June 2020, the number of people receiving Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) reduced from 8 million to 1.2 million. The Bank of Canada predicted that Canada would lead the G7 countries in annual employment growth by 2025. The most thriving sectors during these past years and in the future are going to be the scientific R&D, technology, and total life sciences. A major Canadian company is Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP), which is popular all over the world in the ecommerce sector as its platform is used by millions to sell stuff online.

In 2021, industrial and logistics sectors have also thrived the most, with railway companies like Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (NYSE: CP) and Canadian National Railway Company (NYSE: CNI) being the most valuable in the transportation sector.

The banking sector of Canada is one of the largest contributors to the economy of the country. Among the top companies in terms of market valuation, five out of fifteen are banks, namely Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE: CM), Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO), The Bank of Nova Scotia (NYSE: BNS), The Toronto-Dominion Bank (NYSE: TD) and Royal Bank of Canada (NYSE: RY).

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Our Methodology

To compile this list of the most valuable companies in Canada, we have picked  some of the biggest companies with their headquarters in Canada.

Most Valuable Companies in Canada

15. Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSX: ATD-A.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 62.6B

Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD-A.TO) is based in Quebec and operates convenience stores across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Stores of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD-A.TO) sell tobacco products, grocery, snacks, fresh food, and beverages. Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD-A.TO) also operates a chain of convenience stores under the brand name of Circle K, Couche-Tard, Holiday, Ingo, and Mac’s banners. Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD-A.TO) has over 12,328 stores which include both licensed and company-operated branches.

14. T.C. Energy Corporation (TSX: TRP.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 65.25B

T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO), a Calgary-based company, specializes in the energy sector, focusing mainly on the oil and gas industry. T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO) has a 93,400 km long pipeline network for natural gas. T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO) also owns LNG terminals and power generation plants. T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO) generated a revenue of $9.62 billion in the fiscal year 2020. T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO), along with Enbridge Inc. (ENB.TO), are the largest companies of Canada operating in the energy sector.

13. BCE Inc. (TSX: BCE.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 57.6B

BCE Inc. (BCE.TO) is based in Quebec and specializes in communication services. BCE Inc. (BCE.TO) is the largest telecom and wireless internet provider in the country. It provides services to residential, business, and wholesale customers. It also owns and operates media channels. Bell Media segment of BCE Inc. (BCE.TO) owns 35 conventional T.V. stations, 4 Pay T.V. channels, and 3 direct-to-consumer streaming services. The company was formerly known as Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. In the fiscal year 2020, the company generated a revenue of $18.97 billion.

12. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (TSX: CP.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 100B

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO) is based in Calgary and operates a transcontinental freight railway in Canada, and the U.S. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO) transports commodities like coal, potash, grain, and sulfur; and merchandise freight like energy, chemicals, minerals, and metals. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO) operates with a total railway network of 13,000 miles. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO) generated annual revenue of $6.38 billion for the year 2020. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP.TO) and Canadian National Railway (CNR.TO) are the most valuable companies in the transportation sector of Canada.

11. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (TSX: CM.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 58B

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO) has its headquarters in Toronto and provides financial services. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO) operates through four strategic business units: Canadian Personal and Business Banking; Canadian Commercial Banking and Wealth Management; U.S. Commercial Banking and Wealth Management; and Capital Markets. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO) was founded in 1867. It generated a revenue of $15.44 billion in the year ending 2020. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO), along with Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO), The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO), The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD.TO), and Royal Bank of Canada (RY.TO), are the largest contributors to the finance sector of the Canadian market.

10. Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU)

Market Capitalization: $44B

Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU) is an athletic apparel retailer with headquarters in Vancouver. Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU) has over 521 company-operated stores in the US, Canada, China, Australia, Ireland, the U.K., Japan, and Germany. Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU) has its operations divided into two segments: Company-Operated Stores and Direct-to-Consumers. The Direct-to-Consumer segment sells to consumers using mobile apps and e-commerce websites. In 2020, Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ: LULU) generated a revenue of $4.06 billion.

9. Thomson Reuters Corporation (TSX: TRI.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 73B

Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI.TO) is based in Toronto and provides business consultation in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa. It provides consultation through five segments. These segments are Legal Professionals, Corporates, Tax & Accounting Professionals, Reuters News, and Global Print. Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI.TO) provides research and workflow solutions, content-enabled technology solutions, tax information, and audit professionals. The News segment of Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI.TO) provides business, financial, national, and international news to consumers.

8. Bank of Montreal (TSX: BMO.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 89B

Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) is based in Montreal and operates in the Financial Services sector. Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) has a large portfolio of financial services in North America. The personal banking segment of the Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) offers banking products like saving accounts, credit cards, and financial services. The Commercial Banking segment of the Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) deals with commercial credit cards, business loans, and commercial mortgages. Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) also provides insurance services and risk management products. Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) has over 1,400 branches.

7. The Bank of Nova Scotia (TSX: BNS.TO)

Market Capitalization: CAD 84B

The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) is based in Halifax and operates as Scotiabank. The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) provides financial services in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. The operations are divided into five segments. Canadian Banking segment offers financial services, banking products like saving accounts and credit/debit cards, mortgages, and loans in Canada. Similarly, International Banking offers services for retail, corporate and commercial consumers out of Canada.  The Global Wealth Management segment of the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) provides wealth management solutions, counsel services, retail mutual funds, and institutional funds to consumers. The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) has over 952 branches in Canada and 1,400 branches worldwide.

6. Enbridge Inc (NYSE: ENB)

Market Capitalization: $81.09 billion

Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) is based in Calgary and specializes in energy infrastructure. Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) is 6th on the list of most valuable companies in Canada. Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) operates in five segments. The first one is Liquids Pipelines which deals with pipelines and related terminals to transport different grades of crude oil and other liquid hydrocarbons in Canada and the United States. The second is on Gas Transmission and Midstream which operates in natural gas pipelines. The third one is Gas Distribution and Storage, which deals with natural gas utility operations. The fourth one is Renewable Power Generation dealing with power generating assets. The Energy Services segment of Enbridge Inc. (ENB.TO) deals with the marketing of energy products. Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB) earned a revenue of $32.5 billion in the year 2020. Enbridge Inc (NYSE:ENB), along with T.C. Energy Corporation (TRP.TO), are the largest companies of Canada operating in the Energy sector.

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