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The Best Summer Fragrance That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

In this article, we will talk about The Best Summer Fragrance That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation. For our detailed discussion, go directly to the 20 Summer Fragrances That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

Global Perfume Industry: 

As previously pointed out in our article, “15 Best Everyday Colognes in 2024,” the worldwide perfume industry stood at $50.85 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% between 2023 and 2030. Fragrance usage in the United States was slightly higher in 2023 compared to 2022, driven by younger customers as Circana’s Fragrance Consumer Report 2023 points out and shows that Gen Z’s usage has increased dramatically from 5% to a whopping 83%. Interestingly, people between the ages of 13 and 26 wear fragrances at least three times a week, as per this study.

Furthermore, according to the aforementioned Grand View Research report, as disposable incomes increase and living standards improve, customers are spending more on high-end perfumes, driving this industry forward. For example, it has been revealed by  Market Research, that the luxury perfume market was estimated at $13.66 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow to $19.62 billion by 2029, with a 5.3% CAGR during the forecast period 2023-2029.

Largest Perfume Importer in the World:

According to the UN Comtrade DataBase, the USA’s perfume imports reached an astonishing $3.787 billion in 2022, making it the world’s leading importer of perfumes. This is a 22.51% increase from its import figures for 2021, which were $3.091 billion. Moreover, the US perfume market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.12% between 2022 and 2027, as per Technavio. With the USA dominating as the largest global perfume importer, Germany secured second place in the list with a trade value of $1.760 billion in 2022, a significant $2.027 billion less than the USA’s imports. On the other hand, the third largest perfume importer in the world is the Netherlands, with $1.468 billion in import.

Recent Developments in the Perfume Industry:

Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) is a multi-national American cosmetics company that produces, markets, and distributes fragrances. Therefore, with an astounding annual revenue of $5.55 billion in 2023, it is one of the leading companies in the perfume industry. It is also among the “biggest skincare companies in the US”.

Recently, Coty announced an expanded partnership with Etro to create and market its hallmark fragrance lines and home scent collections beyond 2040. The Italian fashion label and the US cosmetics giant will collaborate to diversify the brand’s beauty portfolio and explore new categories.

All Etro scents and perfumes shall be developed, produced, and distributed by Coty following the conditions of the agreement.

Sue Nabi, Coty’s CEO, stated:

“We are delighted to announce our new alliance with Etro, an Italian luxury fashion house that is renowned for its timeless designs and relentless focus on quality. Etro is an iconic brand with a long-standing heritage of excellence that is reflected across every facet of its business. This agreement further underscores Coty’s focus on fashion-driven licenses with significant multi-category potential which resonates with consumers in our key markets. We are excited to collaborate with Etro, building on the brand’s existing beauty offering and bringing its unique brand identity to life through new categories and launches.”

Another company, Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAR) creates, produces, and markets high-end fragrances and cosmetics. Additionally, Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAR) is among the 15 Beauty Stocks To Invest In and it had an annual revenue of $1.3 billion in 2023.

Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAR) recently reported a strong start to the year 2024 with first-quarter net sales of $324 million, increasing 4% from $312 million in the first quarter of 2023.

Chairman and CEO of Inter Parfums, Jean Madar, emphasized this brand’s ability to successfully navigate the market while highlighting the noteworthy contributions of the recently launched fragrances by Cavalli and Lacoste. He points out that despite the high comparative base of the previous year’s 24% revenue increase, the company maintained a consistent performance through planned new product launches and market expansions. Nonetheless, difficulties in Eastern Europe and uneven sales among well-known brands like Jimmy Choo and Montblanc have influenced the final result.

Mr. Madar reports that Donna Karan/DKNY and GUESS, whose comparable quarter sales increased by 44% and 21%, respectively, were the main drivers of Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAR) 18% sales growth in the first quarter for U.S.-based operations.

Remarkably, the extension of European brand distributors and the recently released Roberto Cavalli scent both played a role in the 9% growth of this company, as pointed out by Mr. Madar. In addition, he states that  Donna Karan’s new Cashmere Collection has gotten positive feedback, coinciding with a new luxury fashion campaign.

Mr. Madar concluded, “We are confident in our dynamic market positioning and remain optimistic about our ability to continue to gain market share within this growing market; as such, we are reaffirming our 2024 net sales guidance of $1.45 billion.”

With that said, here are The Best Summer Fragrance That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation. 

The Best Summer Fragrance That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation A luxuriously decorated bedroom with textiles, mirrors and fragrance diffusers.


We looked through the internet for the best summer fragrance and ranked it according to the number of times it appeared in our sources, giving each appearance a single Insider Monkey score. After that, we ranked our Insider Monkey list based on the aggregated scores. The cost and availability of the perfume are also listed in our list. We utilized price as a tiebreaker and then curated the perfumes for our Insider Monkey list. We’ve also mentioned the prices for these perfumes for particular spray bottles with varying capacities. For this, we have primarily depended on Sephora and Nordstrom.

The best summer fragrance that will feel like you’re on vacation is Vacation Eau de Toilette.

1. Vacation Vacation Eau de Toilette

Insider Monkey Score: 10

Price: $60 for 1.0 o.z

The best vacation perfume is Vacation Eau de Toilette. It is an aquatic fragrance suitable for both men and women. The fragrance was created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux, and its base notes are Sea Salt, Plastic, Fabric, and Watery Notes. The scent’s core components are Musk, Solar elements, Banana, Pineapple, and Bergamot. Additionally, the notes of petitgrain, coconut milk, and coconut water are the most prominent.

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